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INTRODUCTION VIDEO: Welcome to The Empathy Project

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"The Empathy Project" is a production of HIPPOLife Non-Profit Organization​
Rehabilitation and Social Awareness Through the Arts.
Human beings exploring the question...What really happens when we walk in someone else's shoes?
Seeing life through a different set of eyes. 
We are all wrapped in different skin...but underneath,
our blood bleeds red. 
Every change in humanity begins with empathy. 
Every renaissance is lead by ARTISTS!

Episode One:

"My name is Nicholas Marrison, and I empathize with a twenty five year old black woman..."

Episode Two:

"My name is Brittney Darensburg, and I empathize with a thirty four year old Mexican American man..." 

Episode Three:

"My name is Darryl Dillard, and I empathize with a fifty year old white woman..." 

Episode Four:

"My name is Hassan Galedary, and I empathize with a five year old boy from Aleppo, Syria.." 

Episode Five:

"My name is Maria Foley, and I empathize with a one hundred year old woman..."

Episode Six:

"My name is Daniel Salvador, and I empathize with a gay man..." 

Episode Seven:

"My name is Anthony Rizzuto, and I empathize with an eleven year old bullied child..."

Episode Eight:

"My name is Ariel Bradley, and I empathize with a Muslim..."

Episode Nine:

"My name is Neal Kumar, and I empathize with a refugee..."

Episode Ten:

"My name is Karorie "Peppy" McNeil, and I empathize with a twenty six year old gay man..."

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