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Our Latest Project:

"What is Your Normal?"

Anthony Gilardi introduces "What Is Your Normal?"

A Program of HIPPOLife... a specialty annual program that is a result of our program "Performing Arts for People with Disabilities"  

20 participants. 1 short film & documentary.

Shedding light on a population of human beings that have been for the most part left voiceless in our society, 20 participants will learn storytelling via a Performing Arts Program, a script lab, and a directors lab.

After, a high-quality short film featuring the participants will be shot and edited, alongside a making-of documentary recorded throughout the entire program.

The Participants

Where do the participants come from? Ongoing classes.

The 20 participants will be people with disabilities, such as those with physical, mental, visual, or other impairments, as well as their caregivers.


Our partner organizations will assist with participant recruitment:

The Story

The question is not “What is normal?” … the question is “What is Your Normal?”


A young child with a disability is having trouble in school. Their caregiver needs to decide whether or not to send their child to a special school. 


In comes a unique “gatekeeper” that reveals an offer to go to a school for the exceptional. The child accepts and meets multiple exceptional humans of all ages that open up a fantastical world full of endless possibilities.


In the end, the child discovers that they already possess the tools needed to be happy. This is our moral for the story.

The Process

Performing Arts Program (12 weeks): the participants will learn script analysis, voice and body performance control, improv skills, acting technique, character development, and pre-production preparation.

Script Lab (12 weeks): the participants will learn the basics of storyboarding, character development, script formatting, and various storytelling technique. They will take the story synopsis and create a complete script for the short film.

Directors Lab (12 weeks): the participants will hone their craft, learn the technicalities of directing for screen, and facilitate them in finding their unique vision and voice.


Filming & Post-Production (8 weeks): the participants will act and direct the short film. Our volunteers and hired professionals will edit the footage to produce the final product: a 15-minute short film and 45-minute making-of documentary.

The total budget for the project is $100,000:

Performing Arts Program & Labs: $41,500 for a 12-week session. Funding will go to   instructor's salary, transportation, food, and production costs (tech equipment rental, camera/sound equipment, lighting equipment, wardrobe, computer software, costumes, staging, construction, etc.)

Production Costs & Overhead: $59,000. Total budget for Prepping and shooting the “making of” documentary and the short film, Production Insurance and Location Permits, and all other production work, animation, crew salaries, etc.

The Budget

Your sponsorship can help make this happen

We need your donation to make this project come to life.

Here are the sponsorship perk levels:


- Receive a personalized Program Sponsor plaque.

- Recognition at the private screening


All perks of GOLD, and...

- Executive Producer credit

- Access to the set during filming


All perks of PLATINUM, and…

- Be written into the film (optional)

- Exclusive sponsorship of the entire program

Donations of any amount are appreciated.

All donations and sponsorships are tax-deductible.

Online donations will be processed through using your PayPal, Credit or Debit account.


Donations via check:

Payable to "HIPPOLife, LLC"


Mailing address:


P.O. 811

Culver City, CA 90232



HIPPOLife, LLC is a non-profit organization.
501(c)(3) Tax ID #: 81-0701576

Phone # 310-913-5008


All donations made to HIPPOLife are 100% tax deductible.

Use the Tax ID # above along with your PayPal, credit/debit card receipt or check receipt for tax purposes. 


Your donation will help fund our project "What is Your Normal."

If you have any questions, requests or special instructions please  contact us here.


We will also honor your wishes to be anonymous if you choose.


Thank you for helping us make a difference in many lives.





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