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HIPPOLife 2017 Industry Programs:

HIPPOLife ScriptLab Program

The HIPPOLife Script Lab Program will focus on developing the careers of diverse and emerging screenwriters while encouraging participants to create social awareness content, drawing upon their unique backgrounds and experiences.


The Script Lab will be open to ten selected applicants and will be held once per year. Through the twelve-week program, the selected applicants will learn the basics of storyboarding, character development, script formatting, and various storytelling techniques to ultimately produce a first draft of their own specific project.


Not only will this program usher in a new wave of inclusive talent, it will focus on developing content that is socially aware furthering HIPPOLife’s mission of Rehabilitation Through the Arts.

Diverse Director Initiative Program (DDIP)

HIPPOLife’s Diverse Director Initiative Program will seek out and develop the next wave of diverse directors.


From minorities, to women, to traditionally marginalized groups, the DDIP will help the program’s selected applicants to hone their craft, learn the technicalities of directing for screen, and facilitate them in finding their unique vision and voice.


The DDIP will consist of one twelve-week course per year, with a maximum of five selected applicants. This program will continue to further HIPPOLife’s mission by using art as a means of rehabilitation and will encourage each participant to take this mission out into the world. 

HIPPOLife Inclusivity Showcase

HIPPOLife’s Inclusivity Showcase will be a once yearly event in which participants from all of the year’s programs will have an opportunity to come together on one night for an all-inclusive showcase.


The Inclusivity Showcase will give actors from all RTPA Programs throughout the year an opportunity to audition for scenes written by participants from the HIPPOLife Script Lab Program.


Actors cast in the showcase will then be directed by participants from the Diverse Directors Initiative Program.


Culminating in a one-night event for industry insiders. This event will be a true look into how HIPPOLife’s programs truly transformed and rehabilitated its participants through all manner of the arts.

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