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Anthony L. Gilardi



Anthony Gilardi was born and raised in Boston's notorious North End. In his early years, Gilardi messed around in school and dropped out early, only to return several years later and complete his undergraduate degree engineering. 

After graduating, Gilardi started a successful construction company, which he ran for many years. However, Gilardi felt he was living a double life. As much as he achieved in his career, there was something missing. He had grown up with a passion for story telling that was evolving to something more. His obsession culminated in him packing up his car and driving from Boston to Los Angeles in the winter of 2000. 


It was in Los Angeles that Gilardi first studied acting. Unlike during his youth, Gilardi became a diligent student. Through his study, his talents branched out to encompass television, film, theater, as well as writing, directing, producing and all forms of theatrical set and light design. 

His thorough understanding of his craft eventually led Gilardi to teaching. He began his career as an acting coach in 2005 at the 68 Cent Crew Theater Company in Hollywood, where he remains an honorary member. From there, he moved across various acting studios, allowing his art form to evolve and others to gain from the knowledge he was forever developing. With growing popularity for this teaching style, Gilardi's skills were taking on a life of their own. 


It was on February 5th, 2011 that Gilardi developed the HIPPO LIFE movement. Originally designed as a way to motivate his students, little did he know that it would become the inspirational ideal held in the hearts by so many members of the entertainment industry today. Hippo Life was officially trademarked in late 2012.

Originally, HIPPO, an acronym for Humanity, Inspiration, Preparation, Perseverance, Originality, was a message to those fighting their way into a career in the arts and a method by which all members of the Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio [opened in January 2013] live their lives.


“Like a hippo, set a goal. See your goal. Do not move backwards. Do not look side to side. Do not let anything get in your way and most importantly, keep moving forward until you reach your goal.”


In 2015, Hippo Life became a non-profit organization. Aimed at various communities as a means of rehabilitation through the arts, Hippo Life is rapidly becoming an industry leader in social outreach across Los Angeles, Boston and Philadelphia. The organization encompasses individuals from all backgrounds facing a plethora of challenges. 

It is through social awareness that Gilardi and his Hippos are going to change rhetoric and improve the lives of all those involved. 

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